About UUKA


An all-in-one, user-friendly business management platform

What is UUKA

An all-in-one, user-friendly business management platform

Fast and efficient digital business operation is crucial to capture the enormous opportunities arising from the rapidly emerging global economy, but this can be complicated and difficult, especially to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). We are here to pave the way for your simple and smooth digitalization journey with a one-stop online backend system providing user-friendly and flexible apps on demand to meet your daily operation needs, most importantly, at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

Our Benefits

1. Low Installation Costs with High Flexibility

UUKA provides a list of applications in the online platform, consumers could pick the individual applications according to their needs. Without the burden to install a heavy system, UUKA could provide higher flexibility at a more friendly price.

2. Eco-friendly Platform

UUKA is an eco-friendly platform in which developers can lower their development time cost, while it also provides a more user-friendly platform for end users.

3. Global Online Platform

In light of the significant growth of the eCommerce market especially in Asia Pacific Countries (APAC), UUKA hopes to address global digital needs through providing key applications to assist your digital journey.

4. Experienced Digital Solution Provider

We understand that there is no single system which can satisfy all demands of different users in the existing market. Therefore, we hope to help our clients to pick their best digital solution with our 10 years profound experience in the eCommerce market.

Our Mission

“We help organizations to simplify their digitalization process in their business by providing eco-friendly eCommerce and daily operation solutions to capture the opportunities in the emerging digital economy”

Daily business operation is highly complicated and extremely tedious. From inventory and product management, sales and purchase management, customer and vendor management to procurement and purchase payment management…tons of work has to be done and even a most minor mistake can cause the most disastrous outcomes. This is especially difficult for SMEs as existing business management applications in the market are mainly developed for large corporations and simply do not suit their specific needs.

With our profound experience in digital solution provision during the past decade, we are dedicated to the mission of filling this gap. Simplicity, flexibility, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness…with all these key elements of what SMEs look for in mind, we have proudly developed UUKA, a one-stop online platform serving SMEs specifically, with all applications they require for managing online and offline business.

The business world will be undergoing significant changes in the years to come. We believe that there will never be one single system which can satisfy all demands of different users. Therefore, UUKA’s vision is to pioneer a new trend: encouraging and helping clients to create their best digital solution by providing flexible and easy-to-use online backend systems and applications with which customization and integration can be conveniently done by themselves.

Our Services and Features

Customer Management
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Serve Your “Kings” with UUKA, Your Most Reliable Customer Service Manager

Good customer service is the lifeblood of business which can help you stand out from a sea of vendors selling similar products. Customer information is also golden for marketing strategies deployment to enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. UUKA helps you to efficiently maintain and manage customer information, scientifically analyze their behavior and actively involve them with your marketing campaigns.

  • Maintain all details of customers: UUKA keeps a systematic record for every customer registered with your online store. Customers once added to the system, can automatically create the customer profile and store customer information to analyze their purchase behavior.
Product Management
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Management of Numerous Products Poses No Challenge

Products speak for themselves! To lure customers, they must be well presented in your online store, appearing attractive with selling points being precisely highlighted. But how to do this when you have hundreds or thousands of products to sell? UUKA systematically manages all product information and all you need to do is simply upload.

  • Products photos and descriptions: UUKA provides a variety of handy and stylish templates for you to design your own product portfolios, suiting the needs of different product or service types. Without the need for any graphic designer, you can create your product catalogue and amend product information with just a few simple steps.
  • Support both physical and virtual products: whether your products are physical or virtual, UUKA provides comprehensive product catalogue templates suitable for a wide range of different product items.
  • Print barcodes for products: UUKA helps you to create, maintain and optimize your alphanumeric Stock Keeping Units (SKU) system for effective inventory management. You can conveniently generate and print barcode labels for easy sticking onto your products, so that you can handily search and identify stock from lists, invoices or order forms.
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Complicated Purchase Procedures Trimmed down to Minimal

The popping up of “OUT OF STOCK” will apparently upset customers, while frequent failure to maintain product availability will leave a negative impression to customers or even push them away from your store. With UUKA’s supply chain management tool, this will never happen! What’s more? UUKA also monitors the whole procurement workflow from placing order to receiving goods.

  • Track products for re-purchase: whenever UUKA detects low inventory levels, it automatically alerts you to refill running out items, recommending purchase quantity with reference to sales history.
  • Create purchase orders: purchase orders are then issued and imported at ease. If the vendors have also subscribed to UUKA, your order will automatically be emailed to them through UUKA.
  • Receive purchased goods: purchased goods can be received on an ad hoc basis or regularly for repeat purchase orders.
  • Support parcel shipment: UUKA stays alert once purchase orders are placed, tracking delivery status until goods are safely and correctly received.
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Enjoy an Automated Selling Experience with UUKA

UUKA does all the tedious paper works involved in the selling process for you. Now, creating and issuing sales order and invoices will never be troublesome but easy and flexible.

  • Create sales orders and invoices: UUKA creates ad hoc and regular sales orders and invoices containing all necessary details to be sent to relevant customers.。
  • Support parcel shipment: delivery is automatically arranged upon receipt of sales orders.
  • User-customizable invoice format: you can use our standardized sales orders and invoices templates or create your own with the simple tools embedded in the system, based on your company’s needs.
  • Provide sales report for marketing planning: UUKA generates ad hoc or regular (daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / annually) sales report for you to review and monitor sales performances. Details are presented in simple figures and charts so that trends are clearly tracked and shown. UUKA also provides different sets of common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used in business management for your comparison with other UUKA users in the same industry. If required, UUKA will provide general advices on how to make performance improvements.

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Your Centralized Inventory Manager for Multiple Warehouses

Inventory is always the core of retail business – while maintaining product availability; excessive stocks must be avoided, especially for seasonal and perishable goods. UUKA monitors and updates inventory figures automatically in accordance with sales orders, enabling you to make stock adjustments in no time.

  • Unlimited number of warehouses: having multiple warehouses is a good idea for geographic convenience, but managing them can be a real challenge. All you need is UUKA – your centralized inventory manager which maintains up-to-date inventory details of unlimited number of warehouses.
  • View and adjust stocks in different warehouses: UUKA never sleeps! Round the clock, it keeps track of inventory information so that you can be remotely informed of the most updated and accurate inventory figures of every warehouse at a glance and make corresponding adjustments whenever required.
  • Transfer stock among warehouses: with UUKA as the centralized inventory manager, stocks in different warehouses can be easily juggled on your fingertips. By pressing just one button, logistic service providers will receive your order and automatically help with all the transfer among warehouses or arrange delivery of orders to customers.

Customer Payment Management
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Manage Customer Payment at Ease with Accuracy and Security

Multiple choices of payment methods and straight-forward payment procedures bring convenience to both customers and retail/wholesale vendors, while secure payment gateways are essential to reassure consumers that your retail website is legitimate and reliable. UUKA provides flexible options for payment and keep track of all payment movements to minimize your efforts.

  • Receive payment from customers: UUKA responds to issued invoices and receive payments from customers, supporting both full and partial payments by keeping track of payment status with reference to payment schedules.
  • Receivables and aging reports: UUKA is your private accountant to generate receivables and aging reports. Alerts are automatically sent to both you and your customers whenever there are impending payment deadlines and overdue payments.
  • Supports user defined payment methods: UUKA supports multiple payment methods defined by users. It also integrates the most common payment gateways that best serve your targeted cities, assisting you to reach as many international customers as you can.

Vendor Management
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Effortless Vendor Management on a Single Integrated Platform

Along with the expansion of your store, the number of suppliers simply increases with the number of products you sell. Connecting to particular vendors for ordering or re-ordering particularly items will be difficult if vendor information is not professionally managed. Free your hands by letting UUKA help in this aspect!

  • All details of multiple vendors: UUKA maintains and integrates all vendors’ information in one place to facilitate efficient product sourcing. You can easily refer every item to its vendor(s) without hustle.
  • Vendors’ credit status at a glance: UUKA shows all details about vendors’ credit terms and credit limits on a single dashboard and send you alerts for impeding payment deadlines and approaching credit limit cap.

Purchase Payment Management
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Simplify Purchase Payment So You Can Focus on Sales and Marketing

  • Make payments to vendors: UUKA takes care of all your payments, both full and partial payments, to various vendors according to your purchase orders for received goods and services to ensure no payments are delayed or missed.
  • Payables and aging reports: UUKA is your private accountant to generate payables and aging reports. Alerts are automatically sent to you whenever there are impending payment deadlines and overdue payments.
  • Supports user defined payment methods: UUKA flexibly settles all purchase invoices for you using corresponding payment methods as requested by individual sourcing vendor.

POS for Retail
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Stay Carefree with Your Best Point of Sale (POS) Digital Assistant

  • Daily chain store operation management on ONE single platform: From procurement to retail sales, warehousing to delivery, product information to customer database, payable to receivable payments…all these tiresome procedures can be easily handled on just ONE single platform.
  • Retail sales transaction management: UUKA’s Online Payment Central Gateway allows the convenient and seamless implementation of external applications from third parties such as bank and digital payment systems. What’s more? UUKA automatically updates your inventory status and alerts you for replenishment. It also smartly reminds the customer for repeat purchases when it comes to the time that the purchased goods are almost used up!
  • All-in-one mobile app: UUKA on your mobile devices is a Personal Assistant on your palm following you wherever you go, helping you to manage everything about your shop on a 24/7 basis without any geographic limitation.

Live Ordering Tools
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