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Amazon Expert

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Why choose Amazon?

The Biggest B2C eCommerce platform in the World

Amazon has owned a group of loyal users with more than 95 million of Amazon Prime members in the US, while the average spending of Amazon Prime members are USD$1.4K annually which means Amazon is able to earn USD$4,722 every second. One of the advantages of using third-party platform is that you do not need to worry about a lack of customers.

Huge Support Team

Suitable for SMEs to transform their business model, Amazon can easily solve the problems of “Customer Flow“, “Brand Building” and “Logistics“.

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Self-operated and agency-operated stores in various industries, a single store has reached a monthly income of more than one million Hong Kong dollars.

Instructors study various courses in the market and combine practical experience, sum up their unique experience, and include it in the wCommerce e-commerce course, saving a lot of time and cost for aspiring operators, and quickly understanding business experience.

Let you know how to avoid breaking the rules and getting banned. If the account is blocked, the funds and goods in the account will be lost at the same time, and the same legal person can no longer operate Amazon. It is absolutely essential to know very well what actions carry the risk of having your account blocked.

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Harry Lui | 傳匯環球 (控股)集團有限公司創辦人及執行董事

自資及為客戶經營多個不同Amazon店鋪,覆蓋不同行業及產品,最高營收店鋪已持續穏定地每月獲得$100萬以上營業額及賣出超過5,000件產品。在 2021 更取得多個 Amazon營運証書 。 早年畢業於城市大學電子商務學系及後於理工大學取得知識管理碩士學位,擁有超過18 年資訊科技、電子商貿、銷售及管理方面的經驗,對於新時代的經營商業模式有著獨到的見解。於 2013年, Harry帶領著自家的 IT團隊,自行開發零售及網店系統─「營商易」,更成功取得香港資訊及通訊科技獎,致力為香港零售業發展出更完善的營銷流程。於 2016年再獲取最佳流動應用程式大獎,為全球高級酒店行業打開手機應用新一頁。除了擁有前瞻性的銷售及零售管理知識及經驗, Harry亦精通於資訊科技網上推廣等範疇。近年來不斷推動自動化推廣應用方案, 並與各大機構合作,開辦超過 100場講座,培訓逾 1,000個中小企業老闆。