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Recently there are increasing numbers of news about close down of well-known brands or even news about their withdrawal from Hong Kong which threatened many people in the industry. According to the latest figures from the Census and Statistics Department in 2019, it shows that the decline of the retail industry in Hong Kong has been continued for half a year and it is affected by several factors. The Hong Kong Retail Association also expressed a pessimistic view towards the market and expects a further decline in overall sales throughout the year. The Hong Kong market is facing a difficult crisis. However, it implies there are opportunities for E-Commerce.

Smark Global Solutions is a leading eCommerce consulting agency that helps brands and sellers grow and achieve their goals. We are a team of amazon expert that helps eCommerce companies increase their sales, revenue, and profits.

Based on our team’s past experience, we provide services to handle Amazon’s cross-border E-Commerce.

The growth of Amazon is optimistic because of their high net income in 2016 that had already reached USD$23,888.7 million with sales continue to grow by more than 30%. Moreover, they are very suitable for SME business transformation. For business owners who just start their E-Commerce business do not need to worry about the issues of “customer flow”, “brand building” and “logistics” as it all could be supported on the Amazon platform.

Customer Flow

Amazon has owned a group of loyal users with more than 95 million of Amazon Prime members in the US, while the average spending of Amazon Prime members are USD$1.4K annually which means Amazon is able to earn USD$4,722 every second. One of the advantages of using third-party platform is that you do not need to worry about a lack of customers.


Amazon, as one of the biggest customers of Google, they can effectively help platform sellers to build branding by occupying Google search results layout. This could reduce seller’s pressure to do advertising and SEO and thus Amazon is a good platform for sellers to have their brand building here.


One of the biggest difficulties of running cross-border E-Commerce is solving local logistics issue. FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) of Amazon is powerful that could handle complicated local logistic issues to help sellers reducing human resources and costs. Moreover, statistic shows that using Amazon could also bring 30-50% sales increase.

First Target: Help You to Become an Amazon Expert

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Whether you are facing transformational problem or running business which is not as good as you expected, or you would like to expand to a larger market through Amazon, or you are simply interested in the E-Commerce business, we can bring you inspiration to become an Amazon expert.

Second Target: Help You to Develop Amazon Business in an Easy Way


All-round assistant program

  • We offer a comprehensive help in handling operational services, our goal is to become an accelerator for your business
  • We can freely pick different service contents according to what you need and easily customize your Amazon assistant program

We use third-party tools for conducting data analysis to identify potential products in Amazon. In the report, you can clearly understand the real sales of the product, return status, current market rivals, and other information. You can customize a report for a product or a year-round subscription service (a weekly product report) with our expert Amazon Marketplace consulting services.

Website traffic and sales conversion rates will have direct impact to your business performance. We use third-party tools to evaluate your traffic depends on keyword rankings and conversion rates depend on product images, descriptions, and reviews.

We’ll use a comprehensive keyword study to identify the primary and related keywords that are right for your product, and define a good product title which can drive higher traffic. High-quality pictures and professional product descriptions are important to retain customers. This service will help you solve these problems.

Product ratings and reviews will be a key step in making a successful order, we will also assist you in improving your product’s search rankings, product reviews and ultimately to increase your order conversion rate through a complete strategic plan.

Amazon Sponsored Products can increase product exposure, promote new products effectively and stimulate purchase and they also adopt pay-per-click model. However, there are a lot of techniques in running successful advertisements, we will adjust settings according to different product characteristics and track the cost and performance. Smark Amazon Marketing Consulting can help you lower the cost per acquisition and increase your overall profits.

If overseas business wants to do well, there must be a perfect logistics to support at the back. From selecting suppliers, product packaging, cross-border transportation, and successful warehousing, all aspects need to cooperate well to get your business on the right track. We will provide the most professional FBA logistics consulting services to help you solve this big problem.

We are the Amazon Marketing Experts in Hong Kong helping sellers get more sales and profits from Amazon. We offer a complete suite of Amazon services that are specifically designed to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and squeeze more profit out of your Amazon business.

Featured Projects

Shell, Sky Intelligent

– Raise brand awareness of Sky Intelligent
– Improve Amazon product ranking
– Increase sales of Shell licensed products on Amazon

Service Scope:
– Amazon ListIng Polishment
– Amazon Review Management
– Amazon Keyword ranking optimization
– Social Media Content Management
– Target Group Advisory, Setting & Optimization for Facebook and Google Search
– Email Marketing
– Influencer & Key Opinion Management
– Conversion Tracking & Performance Analysis

– Receive Amazon Choice Badge
– Sold over 5000 products on Amazon within half a year