Digital Marketing Agency Hong Kong

Digital Marketing Agency Hong Kong

Digital marketing has been developed as a key component to promoting a company’s brand and products. In 2017, spending on digital advertising in Hong Kong is projected to surpass expenditure on traditional media campaigns, from 42% to 51%. Living in this digital age, everyone needs to have the perfect approach to the business in order to win in the market. You should make good use of this platform with an impeccable base of resources.

Smark Global is a Top Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong. We help businesses get customers from digital channels such as search, social, display, video, and more. Our passion is to help businesses grow their online brand through the use of digital marketing channels. We specialise in Facebook Advertising, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Mobile Apps, and more! 

From concept to launch, we offer highly customized tactics to maximize your benefit. Our online marketing experts in Hong Kong can help you create a successful marketing digital strategy:

Step 1. Listen & Research

After listening to your expectation, we will carry out thorough research through different tools to analyze the situation.

Step 2. Create Ideas

Based on our research result, we will come up with various creative ideas targeting on different segments.

Step 3. Implementation

All keywords, websites and attributes of potential clients are listed out. Targeting and remarketing settings are completed

Step 4. Analysis

Analysis is carried out and performance of different target is reported. The campaign will be further enhanced.

Facebook Marketing & Advertising Hong Kong

Facebook is the largest online social platform in the world. Facebook had already accumulated 1.94 billion monthly active users. In Hong Kong, it has 5 million monthly active users, of with 4.6 million are mobile monthly active users. Spending a lot of money on Facebook Ads but no one buy from you? Posting new feeds on Facebook Fan Page but never get likes? Our team at Smark Global can help you tailor a social media plan – one that will grow your fan base and drive more traffic to your website / stores. We help you to develop a cost-effective strategy in order to increase post engagement and drive sales performance. We are the best Facebooks Ads agency in Hong Kong.

High Penetration at Low Cost

A viable option for SMEs – high penetration at low costs. Our team confirm the appeal of using social media channels to drive traffic to websites, build online brand presence, and to increase sales.

Multifunctional & Interactive Platform

Provide a number of ways for brands to interact with its fans and customers. Smark Global can provide quarterly to annual content plans and regularly update fan pages to achieve a well-rounded publicity campaign.

Partner Up for More Exposure

By creating discussion points in more locations – your brand exposure and online visibility increases which plays a role in driving traffic to your website / stores.

Email Marketing Agency Hong Kong

Email marketing is a cost effective method to keep in contact with your existing and potential customers, and is a widely used online marketing technique. Our team at Smark Global offers a one-stop email marketing service and will work with you from project inception to campaign implementation and launch, and includes: identifying objectives, refining ROI indicators, role and level of participation preferences, marketing and editorial, creative content design, software solutions, data migration, campaign reporting and optimization, and more. Our Email marketing services in Hong Kong will help you increase your reach and brand awareness:

Measurable Results

Provide you with powerful insights beyond merely clicks and impressions that can help you increase your performance of various campaigns.


Multiple campaigns and posts can be pre-written and delivered automatically with no time constraints.

Leads Management

Track the content visitors’ engagement and provide them with content that they are interested in daily or weekly, depending on your preference.

Google Ads Hong Kong

For us at Smark Global – we go to Google Ads. We are a huge fan of theirs as they provide us with three useful tools to help us optimize the online campaigns we create for our clients. One, they give us the tools to find the relevant websites for ad placements. Two, they give us the tools to track people who are likely to be interested. And three, they give us the tools to manage / track campaign budgets and results. Smark Global is your go-to Google Ads Management Agency in Hong Kong to help you optimize your ad campaigns, save cost and increase sales.

Targeting Customers Smartly

Smark Global will work with you to find the best ad placements by selecting the key words / interest categories to affix to your online ads.

Building Greater Success through Partnerships

Whether you want to generate sales for a new product or increase traffic to your website, you need Google’s website visitor tracking tool.

High Penetration at Low Cost

With Google Display Ads, you have all the benefits of traditional advertising without the high-costs and much more. 

Featured Projects


Attract potential customers to participate in the event of Infiniti HK

Service Scope
Flow Advisory; Mini-site Development, Banner Design; Target Group Advisory, Setting & Optimization for Google AdWords & Facebook Ad

Maximum capacity reached in 12 days


Promote new product series “Octaspring” for Sinomax

Service Scope
Target Group Advisory, Setting & Optimization for Google AdWords, Google Mobile Ad & Facebook Ad

Exceed KPI (no. of clicks) by 80%




Maximize website performance by attracting better quality visitors

Service Scope
Target Group Setting & Optimization for Google AdWords

– Rank 1st in Google Search
– 572% increase in clicks
– 758% increase in conversion rate


– Raise brand awareness of City U VMC and Vet Boutique
– Increase sales of City U Vet Boutique online shop

Service Scope
– Social Media Content Management
– Target Group Advisory, Setting & Optimization for Facebook and Google Search
– Email Marketing
– Daily Social Media Monitoring

– Average daily sales of over $70K
– More than 4,500 email inquires received

City U VMC & Vet Boutique

V+ Property Expo

– Raise brand awareness of V+ Property Expo
– Promote events, seminars, and workshops

Service Scope
– Target Group Advisory, Setting & Optimization for Facebook, Google Display Network, Google Search & YouTube Ads
– Email Marketing
– Conversion Tracking & Performance Analysis

Recruited over 750 participants in 大灣區置業 X 家居生活博覽 at Sheraton Hotel

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